Seasonal Care For Healthy Canopies

Trees provide much-needed shade on streets, temper the hot days of summer, and attract people outside for fresh air and social interaction. But trees rely on us for support to thrive.


Kansas City Tree Service recently told us in an interview that trimming the canopy ensures enough light can enter the inner crown to strengthen weaker branches, promote back-budding and reduce insect infestation risks. Furthermore, trimming allows better air circulation which in turn lowers disease risks.


An expansive tree canopy is an invaluable asset to your property. It reduces risk from damaging winds and storms, provides privacy, and adds considerable value.

Trees can also serve as an effective weapon against climate change. Trees play an essential role in mitigating urban heat islands – areas with excessively hot conditions caused by pavement and buildings – by helping reduce their effects.

Tree canopy expansion can be one of the most cost-effective strategies to address urban heat islands while providing numerous other advantages. Trees improve air quality and help cities meet regulatory clean air requirements; provide wildlife habitat; beautify neighborhoods and more.

Trees are nature’s powerhouse. To maximize their benefits, it is crucial that we maintain healthy trees.


Cleaning an awning regularly during both spring and fall seasons is of equal importance in order to remove dirt and debris from its fabric, prevent mildew growth and comply with fire regulations.

Kansas City trees play a vital role in cooling off its temperatures during hotter periods and inviting residents outdoors for fresh air and conversations, drawing people together as part of an extended tree canopy to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. Civic, government and nonprofit leaders across Kansas City have come together in expanding its tree cover as an approach for fighting climate change and adapting accordingly.


As temperatures cool off, it is crucial that your canopy remains free from ice and snow accumulations. Long-term accumulations may damage its fabric structure and lead to weakened structure that results in structural weaknesses.

Washing awnings and canopies regularly will extend their lifespan while protecting wood, metal, and aluminum structures from corrosion. This simple step ensures the structures function better for longer.

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