Boise’s Bountiful Branches – A Year-Round Tree Care Calendar

Trees add both curb appeal and property values, yet require year-round care in order to flourish. An ISA-certified arborist’s expertise, like Boise Tree Service, is indispensable throughout each season.

Beginning by conducting a soil test and amending as necessary. Mulching helps retain water and promote hydration while also keeping weeds at bay.


Planting new trees, repotting, fertilizing, pest control, pruning and watering are among the many common spring tree services. Watering helps ensure adequate soil conditions that help trees and shrubs withstand disease and drought more easily.

Early bloom deciduous trees should be pruned for shape, removing excess flowers as necessary. Oaks and Elms should be pruned after flowering is complete to reduce insect issues. Mulching around their bases provides protection from winter temperatures and snowfall.

If your tree is showing signs of stress, a certified arborist should conduct an assessment. This may include issues like no buds opening up, brown or yellow leaves turning yellow, wilting foliage or uneven growth patterns. Any issues discovered should be corrected prior to summer storm season starting; tree planting, stump grinding, bracing and cabling services are typically completed during this season too.


An attractive tree canopy adds aesthetic value, lowers energy costs and adds property value. Properly maintained trees also help improve your yard’s health while providing storm safety measures during extreme weather events.

Springtime is an ideal time of year to promote tree growth through strategic pruning and increase their aesthetic appeal, such as trimming dead or diseased limbs …