Month: January 2024

A Seasonal Guide to Tree Wellness


Springtime is an excellent time to assess the health of mature trees, since their leaves remain relatively low on their branches, making it easier to detect damage caused by winter storms or signs of pest infestation.

At this time, it is recommended that homeowners prune any branches that rub against one another or scrape against the trunk, and any dead branches. The experts at Toledo Ohio Tree Service (Visit Website) mentioned that – Pruning will help improve airflow through a tree’s canopy while simultaneously decreasing risk for disease.

Springtime is also an ideal time of year to plant new trees and shrubs, as doing so allows for improved root establishment and provides trees time to secure themselves before the intense heat of summer hits.

When planting trees, it is crucial to mulch their surrounding area in order to conserve soil moisture. Furthermore, ensure your newly planted trees receive adequate irrigation – whether with a soaker hose or drip irrigation system in place – in order to help them adjust and thrive. Overwatering can lead to fungal diseases that affect the roots.


Summertime is an opportunity to experience all that nature has to offer: fresh strawberries, peaches and watermelons can be found everywhere you look! Additionally, play outdoors as much as possible and take advantage of warm temperatures by going camping.

Wood represents growth, reaching and hope. Now is an excellent time to cultivate our focus and creativity; perhaps try something new or set goals for the …

Seasonal Care For Healthy Canopies

Trees provide much-needed shade on streets, temper the hot days of summer, and attract people outside for fresh air and social interaction. But trees rely on us for support to thrive.


Kansas City Tree Service recently told us in an interview that trimming the canopy ensures enough light can enter the inner crown to strengthen weaker branches, promote back-budding and reduce insect infestation risks. Furthermore, trimming allows better air circulation which in turn lowers disease risks.


An expansive tree canopy is an invaluable asset to your property. It reduces risk from damaging winds and storms, provides privacy, and adds considerable value.

Trees can also serve as an effective weapon against climate change. Trees play an essential role in mitigating urban heat islands – areas with excessively hot conditions caused by pavement and buildings – by helping reduce their effects.

Tree canopy expansion can be one of the most cost-effective strategies to address urban heat islands while providing numerous other advantages. Trees improve air quality and help cities meet regulatory clean air requirements; provide wildlife habitat; beautify neighborhoods and more.

Trees are nature’s powerhouse. To maximize their benefits, it is crucial that we maintain healthy trees.


Cleaning an awning regularly during both spring and fall seasons is of equal importance in order to remove dirt and debris from its fabric, prevent mildew growth and comply with fire regulations.

Kansas City trees play a vital role in cooling off its temperatures during hotter periods and inviting residents outdoors for …

Navigating Ann Arbor’s Seasons A Tree Care Calendar

Ann Arbor is an exciting college town, culinary hotspot and tech hub with an easy walkable downtown. Experience University of Michigan culture while dining globally-inspired meals or shopping amongst unique retail offerings.

Maintaining the health of your trees over the Winter can help avoid issues when the growing season resumes in Spring. This comprehensive guide offers seasonal tips and helpful strategies.


Spring brings warm weather and exciting experiences. Ann Arbor Tree Service mentioned how it’s best to “Plan a visit to Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum to view their breathtaking collection of heirloom peonies in late May or early June; or plan an afternoon cruise down Huron River at Gallup Park during Mayor’s Green Fair (an annual family-friendly event that closes Main Street to car traffic in early July for environmental information, green products and tasty local cuisine). ”

Springtime is also the time for strategic pruning and fertilization to foster robust growth for the season ahead and enhance the appearance of your landscape. Keep an eye out for pests or diseases, monitoring trees for signs, applying preventive treatments as necessary – this proactive approach to tree care helps minimize insects infestations or disease pathogens during the summer, leading to healthier trees come falltime.


Ann Arbor offers something for everyone – from university culture and culinary delights to unique retail. Come explore what this Michigan city has to offer – and see why Niche named Ann Arbor the No. 6 place to live!

Summer pruning aims at …